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Your Child's Future Begins Here

We have a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet the language, physical, cognitive, creative, socio-emotional and school readiness needs of your child.

Nursery (2-24 Months)

Early stimulation & cognitive development begins here. We focus on developing physical-motor, language development, intellectual/perceptual, social-emotional skills through storytelling, art and craft, music and more! 

Pre-Kinder (2-4 Years)

At this stage, we introduce concepts, learn through play, reading and rote learning (the process of memorizing information based on repetition to enhance their ability to quickly recall basic facts and helps develop foundational knowledge of a topic.

Kindergarten (4-6 Years)

Reaching for the skies… they have arrived! Your child will leave ready for prep/primary school. At this stage, we prepare them for life, solidifying independence and responsibility, sharpening their cognitive, vocabulary and reading skills. 

The TLC Way!

Here at The Learning Cottage Preschool (TLC), we follow the Early Childhood Curriculum as set out by the Ministry of Education with our own modifications and adapt it to the needs of our learners with exciting program additions incorporating Guided Instruction, Creative Expression, Music and Movements, Spanish, Sign Language, and much more. By maintaining small staff to student ratios (no greater than 1:8) we are able to provide individualized attention to each learner. We pride ourselves in saying that our graduates leave us reading at the Grade 1 level or higher if they stay for the duration of the program.

What's in our Curriculum?

We believe in establishing a strong foundation in basic skills with an emphasis on core subjects to get our little ones ready for prep/primary school. The Learning Cottage Preschool offers specially designed and customized curricula for each age group.

Our daily activities include devotion and circle time, rote activities, guided learning (literacy and numeracy), creative activities, and best of all – PLAY TIME! We place high values on learning through play at The Learning Cottage Preschool. We adapt teachings from the Montessori method which suggests that children learn best in an environment that has been prepared to enable them to do things for themselves. We create a child centered, fun learning environment that promotes freedom for all our children to explore materials of their choice.

Included in the Curriculum

Extra Curriculum Activities

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About Us

The Learning Cottage is a nursery & pre-school in Kingston, Jamaica catering to early educational needs from 2 months to 5 years. 

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